Affordable and Reliable reconditioned water softeners Good for you, your home and the environment.
Affordable and Reliable reconditioned water softeners Good for you, your home and the environment.

Leading brands of Water Softeners we assemble

Harvey, HV3, Twintec, Dualflo, Crown, Homewater, Megatwin, Minimax, Kinetico 2020c & all other Block Salt Non-Electric Softeners.

We repair & service all Electric Softeners too.


Both Harvey and Kinetico softeners operate a dual cylinder,  parallel flow system which delivers a high flow rate of water to your home (up to 65 litres per minute).
They are both efficient and compact so they can be sited in any number of convenient locations within your home, typically under the kitchen sink. 
It requires no electricity, no programming, no maintenance and needs to make no assumptions about the pattern of your water usage unlike single tank electric softeners. Single tank softeners cannot provide soft water whilst regenerating . Regeneration effectively cleanses the resin to allow it to continue to provide soft water. Single tank softeners will usually do this in the early hours. But you could use more water than your machine anticipates. These twin tank softeners will provide a continuous flow of soft water to your taps and appliances all day, every day.


Dimensions: Harvey

Depth 460mm

Height 490mm

Width 212mm


Dimensions: Kinetico

Depth 455mm

Height 485mm

Width 225mm


Home survey before installation, please refer to the installation page.














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