Affordable and Reliable reconditioned water softeners Good for you, your home and the environment.
Affordable and Reliable reconditioned water softeners Good for you, your home and the environment.

The Benefits of Softened Water

Save Money
  • Installing a water softener will provide real savings in the cost of service and maintenance of water heaters, dishwashers, washing machines and showers, preventing limescale build-up and extending their lives.
  • Water softeners improve the efficiency of hot water and heating systems by removing build-up of scale. Just 1.6mm of scale build-up in heating systems cause a 12% loss in heating efficiency!
  • Using a water softener can save around 50% of washing powder and soap consumption, shampoos and cleaning detergents used.
  • Softened water can help eczema and certain other dry skin conditions.
  • Washing laundry in softened water makes it brighter, while hard water can leave your whites grey.
  • With a water softener, your water rinses away completely without leaving scum, even after shaving.
  • Softened water has a clean smooth feeling, making bathtime pleasant without the need for bubble bath soaps and bath oils. Your skin and hair will feel silky and soft.
  • Installing a water softener will also save you time, as considerable cleaning time is saved with softened water.
  • According to the research by British Water and a Consumer's Guide to Water Softening, it is estimated that a water softener could save at least £200 a year for an average 4-person household.
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