Affordable and Reliable reconditioned water softeners Good for you, your home and the environment.
Affordable and Reliable reconditioned water softeners Good for you, your home and the environment.

Why choose a handbuilt water softener?

All the components in a water softener can be replaced including the resin. Before you face the prospect of buying a brand new water softener why not consider reconditioning your existing softener? Or if you are buying for the first time consider the cost savings choosing a handbuilt softener. We can recondition your existing water softener or take it in part exchange for a handbuilt softener.

The heart of the water softener, resin. If this shows up around your home, sinks, baths, appliances it's time to replace your softener.

We all know the benefits of recycling. It saves money, resources, protects the environment and reduces landfills. Why choose a reconditioned water softener? When your water softener reaches the end of it's life span it's the resin. If you have had a water softener before, you may have noticed a sand type substance appear in your appliances, baths and sinks. Resin can only last so long in a water softener, how long depends on many factors but the most common are how much water you use in your household and how hard the water is in your area (the harder the water, the more your water softener has to work). The resin is the heart of every water softener as it removes the calcium and magnesium which makes your water hard. If the resin expands and escapes the tanks into your water system, it is time to replace your water softener.


If you approach a leading brand dealer about your resin loss you maybe advised you need to buy a brand new machine. At EcoPure Solutions we can offer to recondition your softener or you can buy a fully reconditioned one from us. No need to add to the landfills, let us bring your old softener back to life. It will work like a brand new model, but at a fraction of the price.

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