Affordable and Reliable reconditioned water softeners Good for you, your home and the environment.
Affordable and Reliable reconditioned water softeners Good for you, your home and the environment.

Installation of Water Softeners

We install your water softener. You don't have to buy a water softener from us, if you have an existing water softener and just require an installation we can do that too.

We have customers that have moved home and have taken their existing water softener with them. If you buy a reconditioned water softener we will install it for you, you will also require a home survey if the plumbing is not already in place, to establish where the water softener will be located.


The price of installing a water softener depends on your existing plumbing set up and where you would like to locate the softener, inside or outside your home. In most cases it is convinient to locate the softener in the kitchen in a cupboard under or near to the sink. The best location may depend on your needs and the existing plumbing facilities in your home. Whatever your requirements, we aim to install the softener in a discreet place with least visible pipework. In homes where space is a real premium a softener can even be installed in a box outside.


We are happy to visit your home at your convenience, to assess the practicalities of installing a softener. We offer day and early evening appointments. We will leave you with a quotation valid for 3 months and the space and time to make the right decision for you. Please call 07478 141258 or fill out the form on the contact us page for a free no obligation home survey.


Water Softener installed outside in frost free cabinet.
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